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Composing a message

Composing a message

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Enter an address in the To: field. If you want to enter multiple addresses, separate them by commas. See Sending a message to several recipients for coomposing information on sending messages to more than one person. Got a comment?


Format your text as.

Motorola pro plus - composing and sending message

Convergence enables you to collect from other POP s in addition to the default. Occasionally, while composing a message, you may want to save milf escorts orlando as a draft, then continue to work on it later before sending it as a message. If you check off "Backup sent message", it will put a copy of the message you send in the Sent folder. About OpenWebMail Help.

If you want to enter multiple addresses, separate them by commas. Occasionally, while composing a message, you may want to save it as a draft, then continue to work on it later messsage.

This feature needs to be enabled at the back-end Convergence server. Click Save. Go to content Composign to main menu Go to the search field. The address to use when you send messages.

Choose this msesage set for multi-language mail. From : This field contains a drop-down list with all the configured sender profiles you have for this.

Using a draft to compose a mail message

Choose this character set for sending mail composed in simplified Chinese. Save Recipients In Contacts Folder. The Compose window opens with the draft loaded. Autocompletion of mail recipients — Autocompletion of names and addresses entered in the mail composer.

For more information, see Using Contacts to Address a Message. This list fomposing the name followed by the address of each configured external.

Change composing preferences in mail on mac

You should be directed to a window that looks something like this: This is the screen you will see when composing a message. To start composing a message, click the "New Message" icon on the toolbar see Using the Toolbars.

Using a Draft to Compose a Mail Message. This is the screen you will see when composing a message.

Manage User Options has an option setting "Default new message style" where plain text can be set for all new messages, replies, and forwards. Continue with your edits and send the message as usual. Click it to open a more detailed view.

Read : Sends a notification when the recipient re the message. Composing a message. In the text box, enter the address es of the person s to whom this message composing be sent. In the next topic you will learn about adding messages. Manage User Options has a setting "Automatically add Recipients as contacts" which will save all recipients to the selected contacts folder. When this option is cleared, the html editor is displayed for message composition.

How to compose & plan effective business messages

Written by Ruairí Galavan Updated over a week​. How to format text, images, buttons and HTML in your message. To Use a Draft Choose Continue Composing Draft from the Compose menu, then choose the draft escorts cusco would like to work on from the submenu. More Information.

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Cancel : Closes the current tab and returns to the Messages view. Ruairí Galavan avatar.

Use the same message format as the original message When you reply to or forward a message, use the same format as the original message. Default setting is normal.

Automatically receive a copy of every message you send. Type a file name under Draft Name.

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This field is not displayed if composijg have not configured external POP s. Click the Attach a file link to attach a document. Depending on your mail preferences, when you click New Message either a Compose tab appears in the Application toolbar or the compose opens in a separate window. You can compose and send your messages as soon as you write them; compose a compposing and return to it later to finish and send, or compose the message and specify a time in the future to send the message.

This will automatically be checked if Manage User Options are set to "Save copy of the message in the Sent folder".

Enter a Subject for the message you want to compose. Now, write the body of the message.


Composing New Message Click Compose New Message to initiate a new message to deate recipients, composeadd attachments, and send. See Adding Attachments. None : Does not perform any action when the recipient receives this message. If you don't want to send the message composing, instead of clicking Send, click the arrow next to Send and select Send Later.

Note - You can also save the message body only as text by choosing Text from the Save As button. Re-address the message to yourself and click Send.

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