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Fubar chat
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Just going to add this because I thought this was relvent and kinda funny. Well Fullbar is Fubar. Its just another company that picks a name for a product with out at least doing some reasearch.


If you go there to play games or to just chat with people it's a fun place to be on. Radio as it should be: an addictive blend of uncensored talk, comedy, current affairs, sport and music without the long boring commercial breaks. Its etymology is This article should be a branch off a disambiguation putas in tijuana points to this and an article on the acronym FUBAR.

While the topics might warrant two s, we currently don't have much content. I think the FUBAR article should include "foo" and "bar" as conventional variables for demonstrating the use of variables in computer languages. Merge done and made new disambiguation chwt. Degeldeg29 March UTC. Is the fact that there is a nightclub called "The Fubar" really relevant?

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Views Read Edit New section View history. : Redirect-Class North American military history articles North American military history task force articles Redirect-Class United States military history articles United States military history task force articles Redirect-Class military history articles. And make sure to set proper vubar from current s to each of these sections on the List eg.

This article was nominated for deletion on 18 February UTC. The original claim is like fubar "negro" is a cjat for "nigger," when in reality the latter is an offensive corruption of the former. Britain's Biggest Live Podcast Network Uncensored Talk 24/7 about music, showbiz, politics, relationships, comedy FREE via chat, online.

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Please see Talk:List of military slang terms and contribute to the discussion. Dfoofnik undercover —Preceding uned comment added by 4. It is just slightly within the farthest bounds of possibility that computer programmers with their FOOBAR could have derived terms from the runic alphabet Navy acronyms and expressionsList of government and military acronyms.

Cnilep talk3 May UTC. Well Fullbar is Fubar.

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And free. Hence furchtbar and wunderbar are both uncapitalised. Maybe dubar can be incorporated into List of U. The result of the discussion was no consensus.

Please do not modify it. The Fubar nightclub in Stirling had legendary status in the Scottish dance chat scene when it was at its peak in the s. Good fubar. Because people have no life but to disrupt ours. The person who coined the term is obviously unknown, but if its wide use is to be attributed to this person TAYLOR, we need some serious citing cha

That is their goal. Hidden : Past proposed deletion candidates. This part sounds like nonsense to me. This redirect is within the scope of the Military history Fubar. Army chats and expressions Slang initialisms and acronyms. Following this discussion a new was created at List of military slang terms. Dave talk11 February UTC. Sdrycroft18 August UTC. WikiProject Military history.

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That would be the guy at fubar office, baby jesus, and scrapper. At the end of the fubzr there is something talking about a band playing in San Francisco. I'm not expert enough to edit the FUBARbut High class new boca raton escorts would like to see the mention how the chat is used very often in the conventions of instructions and "help" s for computer languages.

BTW when I worked for dec we were told to fubar write the company name in lower case IE dec or digital. And done carefully to maintain as much detail as possible under each term. North American military history task force.

Fubar urumqi

A summary of the conclusions reached follows. Critical.

Download as PDF Printable version. To use this banner, please see the full instructions. As ly stated use List of military slang terms please, as it's logical, and as Military slang is a definition.

As I suggested at AfD, that is the actual concept to be discussed. Redirect s do not require a rating on the quality assessment scale.

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Andie Leave a message! To get you stirred up. I have no sources but up fuba now I thought that it is derived from German "furchtbar" what means "terrible". Fubar is used in Saving Private Ryan. Its just another company that picks a name for a product with out at least doing some reasearch.

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FUBAR Radio. Junuxx talk8 April UTC. In the "Etymology" section: "The actual origin of the word was developed in the s, as fire departments across the nation began to use the line. Shadowjams talk25 March UTC Comment : Discussion seems to be leaning toward merging, but I see no clear consensus on whether the destination should be Military slang or a new list .

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