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Old aol chat room listings I Am Looking For A Real Girl

Old aol chat room listings

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This thread has been inspired by the "Anyone remember AOHell and similiar programs? Well personally I was never into that AOHell shit. Way too amateur. I do admit that I did start out with AOHell olv quickly outgrew it. I used various methods to crack employee "internal" s and volunteer "overhead" and "community leader" s which were used by GUIDES and other AOL volunteers.


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Instead they would blame some normal causing the rep on the phone to go ":lol: sure kid". If they replied with some racial slur it would be payback. Even comic creator's visit the boards! It was a pretty sweet setup, I had my very own personal rep and everything.

They would shit their pants and beg me not to or their moms would kill them. This "partnership listints for about one and a half years. I would sometimes tell them that I am going to terminate their. The way I cracked s was via a password cracker Vegas hot talk made. › /04/03 › an-ode-to-aol-aim-chatrooms. I decided to use my skills for profit rather than fucking around AOL.

Downloaded aol and found people still using the chatrooms.

I knew about it too after reading some documentation I found while token scanning. I had something really important to tell them, but I wasn't allowed to send more than a few texts a month.

Take a moment to allow the year-old inside of you let out a deep sob; You probably used it at work, maybe bakersfield babes ventured into a chatroom. I had a lot of Asian friends though since they were computer nerds like me and they thought it was funny.

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So before resetting the password I would do the above. AOL Instant Messenger is no more, and it's okay your inner year-old is crying.

This caused the tcp server see an ip address that was in one of AOL's offices and call centers. Do you know of another chat room or board that deserves a link? Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log out. Fine fuck it.

After making friends with an AOL employee and sending them my "pic" I was in business. Token ranges on the other hand may be actively used.

More in technology

15, the year-old AOL Instant Messenger service will be no more. I think the limit was five, but I needed After a bit of llstings I hit the jackpot! But as happens with most technologies, AOL said it was time to move on and, for anyone who had yet to alabama5474 adult personals the ties, to finally say goodbye.

I told him "Okay well I would like a refund for the past 2 months since I couldn't access wol s". All of them morons. Shii's archive of this story. My friendship would usually last for months so that I could gain their trust, and usually I made several friends at once.

It was too expensive. Well I found out hcat after my profile was deleted, if I went on my master screen name and deleted the screen char with the deleted profile and then used the "restore" feature to restore my deleted screen name that the profile would also be restored! Guides will announce to the chatter that they've been gagged, but I never did since it's more fun that way. Nothing forced me to continue milking AOL.

Chat room listings

The solution was AOL's business service. Not only that but listijgs AOL caught the vulgar profile again they would delete it but it wouldn't count as a TOS violation!!!!

So that's my story. Rainman - These s could publish and modify keywords.

I noticed there were a lot of chat spam bots on AOL. Some of the cool features of this were the ability to IM people who had their IMs off, the ability to scroll in the chat room like a madman without being booted off, and also gaining access to some restricted keywords. No more Mr. Regions Tampa St. Submit your suggestion for our consideration.


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I've been looking online for something to replace it with and am having that can integrate my AOL Buddy List, let me keep using my AOL screen name. If you used AOL for a while you probably know what I'm talking about. Most of the aZn chat rooms were cool with me although some notibly the "PinoY" rooms for some reason did not like a whiteboy coming into their rooms. This exploit was my transition from being a loser "hacker" to businessman since it gave me seed money to start a legit enterprise.

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Despite this limitation, these gags were a lot of fun to use when unannounced and they weren't logged like timed gags. Very nice for exploits More on this later. This allowed me to create a token scanner that scanned for tokens with rainman and record any interesting ones I found.

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