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Roleplay chat profile templates

Roleplay chat profile templates

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I really like the simplicity of these! I think I'll end up using the simple profile for some of my lesser-refined OCs. Thank you!


Minimalist Profile.

Jun. 22nd,

roeplay Since this is such a random and kinda obscure thing, I thought I'd post it here for future generations to someday uncover for their own needs, lol. I really like the simplicity of these! call her - name partying at - age livin it up in - loc write something about yourself to fill up this box. Columns Profile. Tabbed Profile.

Could get kinda complicated if you start adding those extra years and games without a little css experience, so hmu if you find a roadblock. Sweet Profile. Various Muselists.

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Powered by Dreamwidth Studios. I might be using Simple or Document for profiles!

Two clean codes for characters in multiple games. Sed consectetur aliquam imperdiet. P eople. Ahh, definitely using, the simple one is so nice!

Free profile templates deed with rphaven (rph) in mind. profiles can be easier sorted and searched with the tags: tabs, no tabs, gallery, no gallery, lots of content, little content, lots of images, little images, easy/moderat/hard difficulty, rendered image, and themed

Calendar Thread Tracker. Gradient Text Inbox. Gradient Nav Code x2. make it look super cute:). April Code Dump May. Is there other markup you've seen where the image resizing screwed it up but it wasn't inside a table or a styled div?

Taming the Squish May. Tags:! Nulla id mauris eu erat luctus iaculis auctor ut leo. This is my first template, so if you have any feedback, please feel free ropeplay comment! resources, character bios, character profile, code, codes, coding, layouts: character profiles · Link · Remember · Tell. I mostly just made these templates as a way of proving to myself that I could conquer this hellish HTML challenge and be satisfied with myself. March Code Dump Apr.


Pillory code

Customizable so you can add extra years and games. I n sert.

You can do a custom color but tempaltes won't change with different themes, and it'll also include more then just changing the word 'primary' so if you want to do that I can make a version of the code with customizable colors. But thank you very much!!! credit: summereque. Dropdown Muselist Code.

Use this for whatever the hell you want-- game info, whatever. GitS Biosheet Code x2. Forgot it? Dropdown Muselist. Full Template Gallery. Aliquam lobortis lacus dui, non pretium enim tincidunt non.

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I'm not sure which one I prefer yet, but thank you for sharing these templates with us! An interactive playlist code that incorporates yt ;rofile. Expand Cut Tags No cut tags. CODE yuff. A simple CR code that's Tokyo Xanadu inspired. Game Info Template.

Overlayed Gifs Nav Code. Clip-Path Biosheet. Charahub Profile. Felt like making something relatively clean and easy on the eyes. Tags: miscellaneous.

I looking for vip chat

I want to make a profile for my character on this site and it requires that you know I've been role playing sincegoldie knox escort I've taken to GDocs but Discord is to answer any questions/gauge interest, or just to chat (: Hope to hear from you! I think I'll end up using the simple profile for some of my lesser-refined OCs. Nullam congue scelerisque leo rutrum pulvinar.

DND Sheet Profile. More context.

Roleplay chat profile templates

Permissions: Gradients Jan. I've just been wanting a playlist code like this for years. Dreamcodes Recent Entries. Featured Templates.

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